Beth Israel Family Relocation Program

Beth Israel Family Relocation Program’s mission and criteria are as follows:

      • We seek Jewish families who intend to relocate and contribute positively to Meridian for a minimum of five years.
      • Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, to help select the most ideal families to participate in this program.
      • Grants are available to those who qualify, to potentially assist with the following:
      1. Relocation – moving and settling
      2. Housing
      3. Congregation Beth Israel membership
      4. Repaying outstanding educational loans
      5. Small business seed moneyQualification Standards –To qualify, a candidate must:
      1. Submit written grant request
      2. Undergo background and credit checks
      3. Provide written personal and rabbinical references
      4. Travel to Meridian to meet Congregation Beth Israel members

Note: Congregation Beth Israel is a small Synagogue with limited resources, so priority will be given to
those families who already live in the United States.

Send us a completed Family Relocation Project Prospect Questionnaire:

We are very pleased and excited that your family is interested in moving to Meridian. Truly, Meridian is a fabulous place to live, grow and work. Our Jewish community is reaching out, eager and prepared to support your move and resettlement in any way we can.

The information gathered via this questionnaire will be used by CBI’s Family Relocation Services leadership and staff to: (a) get better acquainted with your family, and (b) help us determine your eligibility for relocation grant financial support.

We pledge to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information and, in return, ask that your answers/information be complete, accurate and timely.